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As a leader in the industry, IGA partners with top brands such as Striker, Oakley, Royal Winslow, Extreme Drinkware, Storm, Coca Cola, Nike, PGA, Schlumberger, Valken Hoff, TD Bank and Aberdeen. IGA has an extensive client base that includes the oil fields, trades, real estate and the financial industry.

Innovative Global Alliance

With decades of experience in the promotional products business, Innovative Global Alliance is an industry-leading global company. We provide the most innovative and cutting edge products and services to multi-national brands across the globe.
It’s easy to call yourself a global agency. What’s difficult is to deliver as one.
IGA does just that: Your brand. Delivered.

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Our New Journey!

November 10, 2017 3 Comments
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After 30 years in the importing and exporting wholesale business, IGA is proud to move ahead with the times and take a new direction. We have decided to join forces with other corporations in the world and widen our social media presence across all platforms including: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is a very exciting… Read More

COB Technology

October 20, 2017 1 Comment
Post Categories: IGA POST

COB or Chips on Board, is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engines. Relatively new to the LED market, COB LEDs offer many advantages over the standard options. COB LEDs are basically multiple LED chips (typically nine or more) bonded directly to a substrate by the manufacturer to form a single module. Since… Read More

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When you choose to partner with IGA, you give yourself the opportunity to not just be with the pack, but to lead it and build better brand recognition for your business.

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