Our New Journey!

November 10, 2017 Published by 3 Comments
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After 30 years in the importing and exporting wholesale business, IGA is proud to move ahead with the times and take a new direction. We have decided to join forces with other corporations in the world and widen our social media presence across all platforms including: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is a very exciting step for us as a company because as a business to business corporation, we can increase exposure and constantly update our customers with our new, innovative products that help them drive business! We are regularly adding new promotional advertising products to inventory and our increased social media presence will allow our customers to see our product releases first hand! With the Christmas season approaching, our company is excited to increase its global presence on a social media scale, allowing all of our current and new customers to connect with us and drive business over the holidays! Innovative Global Alliance is looking forward to this exciting new path, and we cannot wait for all of our customers to join along in our journey!